Amy Gleason Award Photo
Amy and daughter Morgan with Chairman Rhonda McKeever

Amy Gleason, RN


Amy Gleason joined the board in 2013 after serving as a member of the Leadership Council.

Amy became involved with Cure JM Foundation after her daughter Morgan was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis in June 2010 after more than a year of being undiagnosed and misdiagnosed. When Amy couldn’t get into a specialist in her area for three months, she turned to the Internet and found the helpful Cure JM message boards. From that moment on, Amy felt part of a larger community, and it helped her whole family not feel so alone and scared after the initial diagnosis.

Amy works in software and social Web development as the Chief Operating Officer for Continuum Labs, Inc., which has a focus on solutions for patients and their caregivers. With a background as a Registered Nurse, Amy has worked as a nurse in the emergency room and surgical settings. For over sixteen years, she has worked in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) industry and has been involved in the creation, development, and implementation of EMRs. She believes that these technology changes in digitizing medicine can have a huge impact for patients and their families. She is also involved in the Society for Participatory Medicine, and she advocates for patients being active participants in their medical care.

Amy lives in Tampa, FL with her husband, Mike, her daughter, Morgan, and her stepchildren, Christopher, Katie, and Michael. She raises awareness for Cure JM at every opportunity that she can find. Going from a couch potato to a runner and triathlete, she ran her first marathon to raise money for Cure JM in December 2010. Amy believes fundraising for research and raising awareness of Juvenile Myositis are the key to finding a cure.  In the meantime, she is engaged in the Cure JM community online, as well as in person, and strives to help others find solutions for the many challenges presented by Juvenile Myositis.