Our Story

Family holding a Cure JM sign on a beach

Cure JM is an organization like no other.  

Cure JM was founded 19 years ago by a small group of volunteers—parents and grandparents—who wanted to change the world for children with a rare disease few had ever heard of—juvenile myositis, or JM. 

Most organizations would struggle to survive or have any impact at all. Not Cure JM. 

Under the focused and intentional leadership of co-founders Tom and Shari Hume, Cure JM set its sights on fulfilling a mission with two seemingly monumental objectives.  First, to create and fund a research program designed to attract the world’s foremost researchers in JM, to find better treatments and a cure.  Second, to engage more doctors to improve their knowledge, familiarity, and experience in diagnosis and treatment, resulting in higher quality care and support to families struggling with JM. 

Monumental progress has been made on these two objectives, including funding $19M in research, four clinical trials in development, and 17 locations of Cure JM’s Clinical Care Network, including 5 Centers of Excellence.  

And while the founders brought extraordinary vision and leadership to Cure JM, it was our families banding together in common purpose to drive our success, including:

  • 17 locations for Cure JM’s Clinical Care Network
  • 5 Cure JM Centers of Excellence
  • Almost $4 million committed to research and new drug development, including several clinical trials that, if successful, will bring improved treatments to our children. 
  • 19 chapters around the country that are reopening so that parents, children, and teens can congregate and share in that mutual support that has always defined Cure JM as such a special and welcome place for all families. 
  • Funded medical training for pediatric rheumatologists, bringing more of them into the fold as JM specialists. 
  • Provided resources and education to over 1,200 clinicians and researchers as part of Cure JM’s medical education program
  • Most importantly, our families provided the passion that meant Cure JM could successfully recruit the world’s leading JM doctors and researchers to our Medical Advisory Board, meaning that we had the “best of the best” as our partners in medical progress. 

That we have succeeded in becoming one of the most effective rare disease research organizations anywhere is no accident. The simple truth is that without you, our families, being with us, side by side and step by step in our journey, we would have never come this far. 

Our accomplishments are a result of the strength, resilience, and thoughtful engagement from Cure JM’s friends and families.  

Doctor and young juvenile myositis patient.

What is Juvenile Myositis?

Juvenile myositis, including juvenile dermatomyositis and juvenile polymyositis, is a group of rare and life-threatening autoimmune diseases, in which the body’s immune system attacks its own cells and tissues.

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