Stories of Hope

The “Stories of Hope” series sheds light on the inspiring journeys of JM patients and families as they continue to conquer the challenges that come with juvenile myositis.

These tales of hope remind us that anything is possible and that hope for a brighter future is ahead. We continue to fight progress and persevere to live our best lives. 

Three kids in dark blue Cure JM shirts holding a hope sign

Parrish’s Story

We would like to introduce a one-of-a-kind, competitive, and determined young man, named Parrish. His story of resiliency and hope is one that will resonate with many of us in the Cure JM family. Parrish faced many challenges in his journey with JM, but found hope and support in his family and the Cure JM community. We are pleased to now share his experience to help others facing the same struggles during Myositis Awareness Month.

Alex Hackney’s Story

Despite battling juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) as a child, Alex Hackney never envisioned becoming a marathon runner, let alone completing prestigious races like the Chicago and New York Marathons. With over 15 years of grappling with JDM, Alex recently completing her third marathon and found closure and perspective in Chicago.

Austin Krainz’s Story

Austin Krainz, diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis at the age of seven, overcame the challenges of a rare disease with the support of his family and pioneering treatment from Dr. Lauren Pachman. After more than a decade of battling the illness, Austin entered remission, fulfilling his childhood dream of professional racing in Porsche’s GT America series.

Sydney’s Story

Spring break should be about fun and relaxation. Sandi and her husband Zack expected their trip to Mexico would be the same. Of course, taking

Sari's Story of Hope

Sari’s Story

Sari’s pain began in September of 2018, during gymnastics practice. It started in her shoulder. She didn’t give it much thought. But then it worsened,

A Grandparent Spotlight – Anita

Cure JM recently had the pleasure of interviewing a remarkable individual who hails from Canton, Ohio, and brings a wealth of experience and love to her family. With a vibrant history spanning over five decades of marriage, three daughters, and a rich tapestry of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Anita Mottice’s journey is as inspiring as it is heartwarming. As a retired nurse and devoted wife, Anita shares her profound connection with her family, particularly her grandchild Sydney, who has been diagnosed with Juvenile Myositis (JM).

Alexandra’s Story

Alexandra grew up in Philadelphia. At eight years old, she was diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis. Her first symptom was pain in her cuticles whenever she

Girl leaning against tree

Madi’s Story

Kindergarten is about making friends, learning how to count by two’s, and reading Biscuit books. But for Madi, Kindergarten was not so simple.

Cadence’s Story

Cadence was only 18 months old when she was diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis. Her mother took her to their pediatrician’s office multiple times, only for

Nathanael’s Story

Nathanael was an active 7-year-old. In the summer of 2014, he played baseball under the Southern California sun, and that’s when the rash started. “He

Natalia in her Team Natalia Shirt

Natalia’s Story

Natalia is seven years old, and in January 2021, she began experiencing pain. Everyday tasks were difficult. Natalia’s parents, Lindsay and Matt, reached out to

Olivia's Story of Hope, photo of family

Olivia’s Story

Olivia is four years old, and she’s been fighting juvenile myositis for almost two years. At the beginning of her treatment, Olivia’s parents, Leah and

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