Peer Support

Peer Support

Cure JM offers a variety of family and peer support resources and programs for parents, children, teens, and young adults who are affected by juvenile myositis. We invite all clinicians and providers to share the following flyers with newly diagnosed and current JM patients which highlight our mission, deliver standardized resources, and offer support. 

Click here for resources on how to start your own JDM Clinic 

Click here for resources to share with your patients and families 

  • Join Cure JM  Everyone is invited to join, including friends, families, and healthcare providers.  Join today and receive a free copy of the book Myositis and You, the leading guide to juvenile myositis care.
  • Get support in our private Facebook group.  
  • Attend an Event  Participate in Town Halls online, attend in-person events or participate in research.  Many participation opportunities can be done from home.
  • Join our Advocates Council  This is a group of patients age 18-30 who are supporting each other and others.

Pioneering JM Care – Integrating Research With a Multidisciplinary Approach to Care

Dr. Jessica Turnier of the University of Michigan / Mott’s Children’s Hospital is dedicated to creating new directions for JM research and wider perspectives on how it is treated. About the University of Michigan, she states, “When I came to Michigan, there were a lot of myositis patients, and I just developed a really strong connection with those patients.”

2024 Cure JM Medical Symposium

Recently, the Cure JM Clinical Care Network hosted our first virtual symposium of 2024, “Juvenile Dermatomyositis – Advances in Clinical Care, Basic Research, and Translational Studies.” World-leading researchers and clinicians presented sessions on various topics with the primary goal of enhancing the overall patient and provider experience through collaboration and best practice sharing. 

Affordable and Accessible Treatments for JM

Affordable and Accessible Treatments for JM

Two special guest speakers, Michelle Vogel, MPA, IV Solutions RX, and Laurel Cherwin, BSN, RN, IgCN, Octapharma, shared information on navigating affordable treatments and care for JM patients.

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Cure JM supports families, patients, and the juvenile myositis research community.

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