About Us

Founded in 2003, Cure JM is a family of families seeking a future when every child is free from JM.  Learn about our founders and inspirational Stories of Hope from around the country.

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Our Mission

To find better treatments and a cure for juvenile myositis while improving the lives of families affected by JM.

Cure JM actively supports families, patients, and the JM research community!


We provide JM education, resources, and support to parents and other family members.


We provide resources to teens and young adults living with JM, opportunities to connect with other teens, and resources to learn how to manage their care as they move into adulthood.


Cure JM offers grants to researchers and clinicians to find better treatments and a cure for JM.

Stories of Hope

Our “Stories of Hope” series sheds light on the inspiring journeys of JM patients and families as they conquer the challenges that come with juvenile myositis.

These tales of hope remind us that anything is possible and hope for a brighter future is ahead. 

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Together, We Are Making a Difference

Connecting and supporting 3,000 families and patients in 40 countries
Invested over $23 million in research and education
Funded more than 207 research studies to improve treatment and care for patients
Development & advancement of up to 10 clinical trials
Established 25 Clinical Care Network locations and five Cure JM Centers of Excellence to advance care for patients
Created more than 20 regional chapters across the U.S.
Large gathering of people attend a fundraiser to advance juvenile myositis research.
Walk Strong Event - Chicago
Cure JM is led by a passionate team of volunteers, staff, and medical experts in juvenile myositis research and care.


Meet our board of directors, medical advisory board, and staff that drive our mission forward.

National Leadership Council

The Cure JM National Leadership Council is the organization that leads the charge to raise funds and advance Cure JM’s mission in communities across the country and beyond.

Advocates Council

The Cure JM Advocates Council is a forum for connection between young adult patients aged 18-30 to participate in the advancement of Cure JM’s mission with the patient’s best interest in mind.

Grandparent Network

Cure JM treasures the special role that grandparents play within their families and within our community. The Cure JM Grandparent Network is a platform for grandparents of patients to connect, share ideas, and support their families.

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Our Founders

Cure JM was founded in 2003 by a small group of volunteers—parents and grandparents—who wanted to change the world for children with a rare disease few had ever heard of—juvenile myositis, or JM.

The founders came together with the same determination to find better treatments and a cure for juvenile myositis that drives Cure JM today. Our accomplishments today are still driven by engagement from our families.

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