National Leadership Council

The Cure JM National Leadership Council is the organization that leads the charge to raise funds and advance Cure JM’s mission in communities across the country.

The council is made up of volunteers from around the world who are getting involved to make a future free from juvenile myositis.  Volunteers include families, friends, and members of the community.


The National Leadership Council is made up of 5 committees, each with a different fundraising mission.  Committees include: Walk Strong committee, Giving Tuesday Holiday Challenge committee, Rare Experiences Auction committee, Family Fundraisers committee, and Chapter committee.


The Officers and Steering Committee plans the work of the National Leadership Committee.


The full National Leadership Council meets quarterly, and committees may choose to meet more often. For more information, please contact Shannon Malloy at

National Leadership Council officers

Dave Maher
Officer, Chair, National Leadership Council

Maggie Choy
Officer, Vice Chair, National Leadership Council

Debbie Daum                                                              Officer, Vice Chair, National Leadership Council        

John Caldwell                                                          Officer, Second Vice Chair, National Leadership Council 

Tiffany Caldwell                                                            Officer, Second Vice Chair, National Leadership Council

Randy Putt
Officer, Grandparent Chair, National Leadership Council

Denise Koch
Chair Emeritus, National Leadership Council

National Leadership Council Steering Committee

Tiffany and John Caldwell
Sue Carpenter
Kim Gorman
Joanne Hall
Leah and P.J. Kania
Sarah McClintock
Mike and Erin Parnell
Jason and Brandon Phelps
Anna Ramsey
Luke and Liz Ryan
Mark and Norah Sangid
Damon Smedley
Jason and Mary Beth Stafford
Scott and Shannon Taylor
Rebecca and Jim Tighe

Northeast Chapters, Walks, and Fundraising Committee​

Chapters Include

New England, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Committee Chairs

         Shannon and Scott Taylor       


Mike Parnell (Philadelphia)
Michelle Best (D.C.)
Stephanie Brown (Boston)
Doreen Coffey (New York)
Kate and Dave Ettingoff (Philadelphia)
Naomi Gonzalez (D.C.)
Jeff and Jessica Jennings (Virginia)
Justin and Amy Whitney (Maine)

Midwest Chapters, Walks, and Fundraising Committee​

Chapters Include
Chicago, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio/Pittsburgh

Committee Chairs
Tiffany and John Caldwell (Oklahoma)

Kelly Culver (Pittsburgh)
Melissa Eisenreich (Pittsburgh)
Sandi Harrison (Ohio)
Joleen Johnson (Minnesota)
Rebecca Karsten (Michigan)
Giovanni Loria (Michigan)
Stacey Povlish (Pittsburgh)
Laura Quigley-Wysocki (Michigan)
Mark and Norah Sangid (Michigan)

Southern Chapters, Walks, and Fundraising Committee​

Chapters Include
Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Central Texas, Houston, and Dallas–Fort Worth

Committee Chairs
Nick and Lori Parker (Atlanta)

Danielle Britten (Dallas)
Sarah McClintock (North Carolina)
Bud and Ryane Sheffield (Houston)
Rachelle Veenstra (North Carolina)
Kirsten Warr (Atlanta)

Western Chapters, Walks, and Fundraising Committee

Chapters Include
Northern California, Southern California, Pacific Northwest


Committee Chairs
Jason and Brandynn Phelps (Pacific Northwest)


Sue Carpenter (Northern California)
Anna Ramsey (Southern California)
Suzy Clement (Northern California)
Veronica Douglas (Pacific Northwest)
Rob Ramsey (Southern California)
Carol Schwartz (Southern California)



Committee Chair
Luke Ryan

Mike Parnell
Jeff Bornemiss
Erin Garcia
Joy and Kelly Garcia/Kapp
Jessica and Cindy Kovacs/Cicchino
Loralee Mcintosh
Veronica and Todd Montero
Erin Parnell
Liz Ryan
Caesy Sauder


Photo of a young couple

Committee Chairs
Leah and P.J. Kania

Bobbie and Matt Bernhardt
Amy and Jeff Blitz
Leslie Budnick  and Glen Westrom
Eleanor and Brian Clements
Marge Coffey
Christy Coss, MD
Elinor Dahil
Debbie and John Daum
Katie and Charles Dean
Jessica Doherty
Candy Fortier 
Rebecca and Darrin Gengler
Julie Golob
   Joanne Hall
Cristal Brinker 
Rebecca and Brian Karsten
Bitsy Kasselberg
Michael Kenawell
Talita Kipler
Margaret and Miles Lee
Lindsay Llauget
Kathy Maher
   Colleen and Chuck Marchetta
Rachel Newman, MD
Dee Dee and Ron Perel
David and Allison Taylor
Molly and Charles Tereck
Rebecca and Jim Tighe
Ashley and John Whitt, MD

Auction Committee​

Committee Chair
Denise Koch

Damon Smedley
Jason Stafford
Tiffany Caldwell
Sue Carpenter
Joy Garcia
Kim and Adam Gorman
Sandi Harrison
Joleen Johnson
Rachel Newman
Luke and Liz Ryan
Rob Ramsey and Carol Schwartz
Melissa Shelby
Shannon and Scott Taylor