Update on a Promising New Drug to Treat JM: Vamorolone

Cure JM is making extraordinary progress in juvenile myositis (JM) research, including a partnership with ReveraGen Biotech to advance the drug vamorolone toward a clinical trial in JM.

Vamorolone is a steroid replacement with all the benefits of steroid treatment without devastating side effects. Vamorolone is currently in a clinical trial in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy children.

Findings so far indicate improved safety relative to prednisone. Cure JM is working with vamorolone’s sponsor, ReveraGen, to design a clinical trial to test the drug’s safety in JM children. ReveraGen’s VP of Research, Eric Hoffmann, Ph.D., gives us an update on vamorolone and the status of a clinical trial in JM.

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