Anna Ramsey – “Doing Something About It”

Anna Ramsey has lived with juvenile myositis for most of her adolescent and adult life. Over the years Anna has been actively involved in Cure JM as a fundraiser, an advocate, and most recently the first ever patient on the Board of Directors.

Volunteering Speaks Volumes

Are you eager to make a meaningful impact and connect with a community committed to an important cause? The Cure JM Foundation welcomes passionate volunteers like you! Whether you can spare just a few moments or have more time to give, your dedication can greatly advance our mission.

Volunteer Spotlight- Alexandra Hackney

Meet Alexandra Hackney, a young adult who battled JM for 13 years and is now using her own experience to provide hope, inspiration, and coping skills to newly diagnosed teens and young adults. Alexandra supports others affected by juvenile myositis as a Peer-Support Representative for patients aged 18-30. She also serves as one of the volunteer […]

Volunteer Spotlight- Kristine Alderfer

Kristine has been involved in Cure JM through volunteer roles for many years, and her involvement has become a family affair, as her daughter Katherine is a patient advocate for others with the disease.

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