Tips from JM Families for JM Families

Helpful tips from other JM families on topics like reducing anxiety during treatments, shots and blood draws, dentist visits, sun shades, journaling, and more!

School Accommodations for Juvenile Myositis

Many students with juvenile dermatomyositis or juvenile polymyositis need some special accommodations at school. And although each student is different, here is a list of some common accommodations that other Cure JM families have found helpful in the past.

Q & A With a Child Life Specialist

The main role of a Child Life Specialist is to help relieve the stress and anxiety that children feel when they become patients; whether in a doctor/dentist office, hospital, emergency room, hospice or any other setting in which children are served.

School Resources

Informing your child’s school personnel about juvenile myositis is important. Parents have reported a variety of avenues they have taken in order to do this.

Government Resources

Helpful links for government resources such as the Social Security Administration, Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, and more.

Sample Medication Chart

The number of medications used to manage juvenile myositis and its side effects can be overwhelming. Cure JM developed this sample medication chart to help you stay organized.

Health Insurance Tips and Links

Tips and links for dealing with insurance claims, denials and appeals, making phone calls, changes in health care law, help with medical bills, and more.

Child’s Checklist for Doctor Visits

One of the ways you can help your children cope with juvenile myositis is by giving them a sense of control over their doctor visits and treatments.