Products and Resources To Protect Your Child From the Sun

Did you know an average white t-shirt only has a UPF of 7? And that drops down to a UPF of 3 when wet? A dark denim shirt can have a UPF of 1700, but how many children would be happy wearing such a heavy fabric on a hot day?

This is where UPF-rated clothing and accessories can be useful. UPF (Ultra-violet Protection Factor)-rated clothing can be made in one of two ways—a chemical process or a manufacturing process. Click here for an article from the Skin Cancer Foundation explains about Sun Protective Clothing in more detail.

In the chemical process, an additive is applied to clothing that absorbs the UV rays preventing their penetration. This is how Rit Sunguard, made by the Rit Dye company, works. With Rit Sunguard and a washing machine, you wash in UPF 30 to your everyday clothing; good for 20 washes. Check for specifics as to which textiles are excluded.

Some websites also sell UPF-rated clothing treated with a chemical process. Be sure to note this if purchasing, as well as how long chemical treatment lasts. In the manufacturing process, the actual weave of the threads of the cloth is tighter, allowing for blockage of ultraviolet light. Since there is no chemical additive to wash-out, the UPF rating lasts longer. However, this clothing can be more expensive.

Cure JM Foundation does not officially endorse any of the products, companies or websites listed here. if you have any questions regarding the interaction between your child’s JM and a specific product, your doctor may be able to guide you.

Please do your own research before placing an order from any company online. Tips for savvy and safe online shopping from the Federal Trade Commission –


Cabana Life –

Columbia Sportswear –

Coolibar –

Lands Ends –

REI – this camping store carries popular UPF clothing like Columbia & as well as store brand clothing line; also a wide variety of UPF-rated hats –

Solumbra/Sun Precautions –

One Step Ahead – SunSmarties sun protection catalog –


Academy – a sporting/camping store in Texas – UPF-shirts by Columbia $19.99 – button-up, side & back vents for ventilation – kid sizes; UPF-hats $6.99. Online site is not recommended.

Children’s Place – (not UPF-rated) – Lightweight cotton twill cargo boys’ pants, roll-up to 3/4 length; very comfy; $12; can be washed in Rit Sunguard for UPF-protection. Also online

Columbia Sportwear – has a line of UPF protective clothing which carried by several local sporting goods/camping goods stores, ie – Sports Authority, Bass Pro Shops, REI, etc. Link for those interested in stores that would carry Columbia (call first; not all stores carry the kids’ line) –,default,pg.html

REI – this camping store carries popular UPF clothing like Columbia & as well as store brand clothing line; also a wide variety of UPF-rated hats; Store Locator –

Old Navy – Store locator –

Sunveil – Also stores in Canada – check website for Store locator; also avail online at

Target – store locator –


Sears – carries the LandsEnd line of clothing inside their stores – check end of season for great sales & clearances – Also, if free shipping if Lands End@Sears does not have item in stock and order is placed online from store computer. Store Locator –


Rit Sunguard — a chemical UV protectant you wash-in to clothing via washing machine -lasts for 20+ washes – $1.99/box = 1 load – better on cotton & cotton blends — sometimes available at local Walmart or grocery store; also available online at Amazon or at


StingRay – an Australian company for one piece swimsuits, rashguards, swimpants, etc. – – also ship to Canada

One Step Ahead – SunSmarties sun protection catalog –

Coolibar – full-body suits also avail –

Fun Sun Wear – An Australian company for one piece adult & child/baby-sized swimsuits, also includes sports clothing, sun hats & accessories –

Mini-Boden – Girls’ Surf Suits sizes toddler-14yr –


Coolibar –

Solumbra/Sun Precautions –


Baby Banz – or

Sunday Afternoon Hats –


Environmental Working Group – 2015 Sunscreen Guide – rated the efficacy & safety of 1,400 sunscreens, sunblocks, lip balms and moisturizers on the basis of their advertising claims, etc., esp. in relation to their UV-protection claims. Lists include “Hall of Shame”, “Best of Sunscreens” & “Find Your Sunscreen”. App for iPhone avail.


UV Monkey – “Quickly indicates UV intensity -The UV Monkey can indicate 4 different ranges of the UV Index (Index 1-2, Index 3-5, Index 6-8, Index 9-11).” (from website) –

Steve Spangler Science – UV Color Changing Beads – Make your own bracelets with stretchy cord; watch them change when you expect or least expect (in the shade at sunset was the most shocking!)


Tinting/Shades protect against UVA/UVB exposure while in the car.

Shades attach with suction cups & raise/lower; fit side windows only – available via local stores

Professional tinting companies can tint most car windows & provide manufacturer info for your to research re:UVA/VB before installation. Also be sure to know your local DMV regulations re: tinting. Every state has different laws about how dark the windows can be. Need a prescription to take the windows darker than the legal limit.


There are easy to tote, pop-up square sunshades that are very helpful. Most can fit in the trunk of the car.

Available in the baby dept. of most store and at places like Baby R Us


Learn more about the harmful effects of UV radiation and means of protection at

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