Cure JM Foundation 2014 Champion Award

Presented to David and Stacia Glancy

The Cure JM Champion Award is given to a person or family who has made a significant difference for Cure JM and the children battling this disease. This year’s award was presented to David and Stacia Glancy in appreciation of their exceptional support in advancing Juvenile Myositis research.

The Glancys

“The Glancy’s have helped significantly advance Juvenile Myositis research and improve the lives of children and adults battling Juvenile Myositis.”
Mitali Dave, Cure JM President

“They are being recognized for their significant contributions to advance Juvenile Myositis research,” says Mitali Dave, Cure JM President, who recently presented the Glancys with their 2014 Cure JM Champion Award.

The Glancys are helping to make new research possible, including research that aims to improve understanding of juvenile myositis and changes in the immune system and predicting which patients would benefit from particular treatment choices. The Glancys are making a difference in the lives of children and adults battling juvenile myositis and we thank them for their outstanding support.