Myositis Specific Antibodies (MSAs): What Families Need to Know

Myositis-specific antibodies (MSAs) are associated with certain symptoms in JM patients. In some cases, knowing the MSA of a patient may help clinicians look out for certain symptoms and guide treatment decisions. Dr. Jessica Neely explains these associations, why they are important, and the limitations in our understanding of the role of MSAs in JM.

The Importance of Research

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Research is vital to finding better treatments and a cure for juvenile myositis. Cure JM funds research studies through our Cure JM Centers of Excellence and the Cure JM Clinical Care Network.

2021 Impact Report and 2022 Goals

Featuring Jim Minow, Executive Director of Cure JM, Dr. Andrew Heaton, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer, and Shannon Malloy, Director of Development and Family Engagement.

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Cure JM has created resources and connections for over 4,000 patients and families in 40 different countries—including regional JM family support representatives throughout the U.S.

Madi’s Story

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Kindergarten is about making friends, learning how to count by two’s, and reading Biscuit books. But for Madi, Kindergarten was not so simple.

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Cure JM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer-managed organization dedicated to finding a cure for juvenile myositis (JM).

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Cure JM was founded 19 years ago by a small group of volunteers who wanted to change the world for children with a rare disease few had ever heard of—juvenile myositis, or JM.