A Peek Inside Progress

As the New Year rises, a hopeful horizon brightens for Cure JM. It is with great thanks to our Cure JM community for your extraordinary commitment to funding new research as we move into 2024. Celebrate the achievements with us and review our community’s impact and our goals for the new year.

Jim Minow, Executive Director, updates on recent research breakthroughs, new treatment options, and plans to expand Cure JM’s Clinical Care Network.

Andrew Heaton, Chief Scientific Officer, updates families with the latest information on new treatments on the horizon, including deucravacitinib and vamorolone.

Shannon Malloy, Director of Family and Community Engagement, discusses the latest developments in physician education programs, family education and support programs, and our plans for family connections in the coming year.

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The Potential of JAKs in Fighting JM

In our June 2024 “Ask the Doc” Town Hall, Dr. Julie Paik joins in a Q&A session to shed light on what JAK inhibitors are, how they work in JM, when parents might consider discussing JAKs as a treatment option, and the pros and cons of their use.

The Potential of CAR-T Therapy in Myositis.

The Very Real Potential of CAR-T Therapy in Myositis

We expected to hear promising news about the potential for CAR-T therapy to treat myositis at the Global Conference on Myositis (GCOM).

What we heard was more than promising—it was astounding.

What if I told you that there was a therapy that would “reset” the immune system—virtually eliminating the autoimmune response in myositis that causes inflammation, pain, muscle weakness, and other JM conditions of which we are all too familiar.

Helping Parents & Kids When They Express High Emotional Distress

This expert-led presentation is for parents about how to help their kids and themselves when their kids express high levels of emotional distress. Our presenters will talk about ways parents can calm themselves, share tips for talking to kids with age-appropriate information, and know when to find help from a professional. There will be a Q&A session immediately following the presentation.

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