Myositis and You

Myositis and You

"This gem of a book is a great resource to educate, remove some of the fears, and provide hope for anyone faced with living with this disease."
John H. Klippel, MD
Former President and CEO, Arthritis Foundation

Cure JM Foundation funded the first book ever published about Juvenile Myositis: Myositis and You.

Co-edited by one of our founders, this comprehensive guide features over 450 pages with contributions from over 80 experts and medical professionals. Myositis and You is available as an eBook through

By reading this book, you will:

  • Learn what juvenile myositis (JM) is and how to explain it to children
  • Understand the symptoms of JM, tests used to diagnose it, and how to find medical help
  • Find strategies to help your child adjust to physical limitations and to cope with JM as a family
  • Understand treatment options and how health professionals track your child's progress
  • Gain information on different aspects of JM, including long-term outcomes
  • Discover a number of resources to assist you in the fight against your child's myositis

Proceeds from the sale of this book will help fund further research into juvenile myositis.

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