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Cure JM 2013 Annual Conference and Fundraiser Recap

The Stilling Family


“With this disease, there is so little I can control. Fundraising for a cure gives me something specific that I can do to take control again,” shared Ragan Cantrelle, who talked about why she enjoys fundraising for Cure JM. Ragan describes herself as shy and says that fundraising causes her to “step out of her comfort zone.”

At the Fundraising Break-out Session at the 7th Annual JM Family Conference, others talked about how fundraising is important for their friends and family members who want to do something to help.

Fundraising consultant Rebecca Davis urged everyone to develop a committee or a team. “Fundraising is a team sport,” said Rebecca. It's not something we can do alone. Meeting with a group of people who want to help can make a huge difference in our success.

Cure JM Co-Founder Shari Hume shared about some new tools Cure JM is developing to help support families in fundraising. Cure JM is developing a network of fundraising coaches who have successfully organized different types of fundraising events so that people fundraising can find support for whatever event they've chosen to work on (golf tournament, auction, dinner, concert, etc.).

Shannon Malloy, newly hired Cure JM Fundraising and Operations Coordinator, shared that when we think “fundraising,” we often think “event,” but that fundraising can be as simple as a letter appeal. Shannon, with help from her mother Laurel Krider, raised nearly $10,000 through a letter writing campaign to friends and family, asking for donations to Cure JM.

Look for new fundraising tools from Cure JM in the coming months to help you raise funds.

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