IVIG: What Families Need to Know

In this session, learn about IVIG (immunoglobulin therapy administered by vein):

  • What is IVIG?
  • When do doctors consider IVIG as a treatment?
  • What can you and your child expect during an infusion?
  • What are the tips for the day of the IVIG treatment?
  • What do you need to know about insurance?

This session features:

  • Dr. Fatma Dedeoglu of Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Huub Kreuwel Ph.D., of Octapharma Plasma
  • Patient advocate Michelle Vogel, of CSI Pharmacy

“Ask the Doc” – Sun Protection Tricks & Tips for Summer 2023

With summer underway, we are honored to share our latest “Ask the Doc” Town Hall on Sun Protection Tips and Tricks for Summer. In this session, Shelia Angeles-Han, MD, MSc, and Kalyani Marathe, MD, MPH of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, share the importance of sun protection for JM patients.

Sun Protection Tips & Tricks: What Parents, Grandparents, and Patients Need to Know

Ask The Doc: Why Exercise and Nutrition Are Important In JM

We are honored to share this insightful presentation and Q&A on the importance of exercise and nutrition in treating juvenile myositis with Dr. Brian Feldman of The Hospital for Sick Children and the Cure JM Clinical Care Network.

What role does exercise and nutrition play in JM treatment? When should JM patients be cleared for exercise? What effects do exercise and nutrition have on disease outcomes?

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