Grandparent Council

Cure JM treasures the unique role that grandparents play within their families and within Cure JM.  The Cure JM Grandparent Council is the platform for engagement for all grandparents of patients living with Juvenile Myositis.


Grandparents have always had a special role at Cure JM. In October 2003, Cure JM was founded by Harriet Bollar, grandmother of a child with JM, and Tom and Shari Hume and Lisa Felix, parents of children with Juvenile Myositis.  


When does the Grandparent Council meet? 


The Grandparent Council meets monthly by phone.  The monthly phone meetings are a chance for Grandparents to connect with each other and plan the work of the Grandparent Council.  


The Grandparent Council meeting will also have occasional guest speakers, such as researchers and physicians, who will give updates on the latest in Juvenile Myositis research and care.  These sessions give Grandparents a chance to learn and ask questions of the researchers and physicians. 


We also meet in person every other year at the Cure JM Family Conference.

Grandparent Council Leadership

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What is the Grandparent Council? 

We are grandparents of a grandchild living with Juvenile Myositis.  All grandparents are invited to participate. To be added to the invitation list, please contact Betsy Leon at


Our mission as grandparents is to learn about Juvenile Myositis and support each other so we can support our grandchildren and their families.  We also help advance Cure JM’s mission to give our grandchildren the best shot at a bright future ahead.


Our Goals Are: 

To connect with other grandparents.  We’re stronger together. By connecting with other grandparents and learning their stories, we can better understand Juvenile Myositis and how we can support our grandchildren and their siblings and families.  


To support our grandchildren and their families.  Through the Grandparent Council, grandparents will be introduced to other grandparents and can connect with other grandparents to learn how they support their grandchildren.


To learn about Juvenile Myositis.  Juvenile Myositis care and research is an emerging field.  By learning about this disease, we can best support our families. 


To make a difference for our grandchildren.  Grandparents have expressed interest in getting involved.  By getting involved, we can move Cure JM’s mission forward for our grandchildren.  This will help give our grandchildren the best shot possible at a full life ahead. Many hands make light work. 

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