Emotional and Mental Health: Getting Help

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Many resources are available for mental health care, but it is important to carefully research them, access them, and follow up with viable providers. Some providers are covered by insurance, so it is important to check your network. Regardless, there are mental health services for those with limited incomes on a sliding scale basis. Telehealth services and hotlines are also great resources.

Some therapists adhere to one model, but most are trained in more than one approach. Finding “the right fit” with a provider is more important than the therapeutic approach, but it is helpful to inquire about their training background or intervention models. Alternatives to talk therapy are important for younger children and include art therapy, family therapy, and play therapy. Somatic Therapy, CBT, and DBT are great options for tweens, teens, and young adults.

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Resources by State

State State Resources County / Other Resources
Alabama Dept. of Mental Health Grandview Medical Center — Behavior Health Services & Hotlines

NAMI Alabama
AK Alaska Division of Behavioral Health Alaska Behavioral Health Association

NAMI Alaska
AZ Open Counseling — Arizona Mental Health Services Guide

Behavioral Health – Children’s Services
Tempe Mental Health Counseling Services

NAMI Arizona
AR Mental Health Resources in Arkansas — RTOR org.

ARKids-Human Services of Arkansas
Behavioral Health Services of Arkansas

NAMI Arkansas
CA California Mental Health Services Division Mental Health California — Resources

NAMI California for Spanish speakers 

Mental Health Resources Directory CA — rtor.org

LA County Dept. of Mental Health Resources
CO Colorado Dept. of Human Services — Behavioral Health Help Mental Health Colorado

Community Reach Mental Health Directory

Colorado Crisis Services

Mental Health Center of Denver — Spanish speakers
CT Connecticut Dept. of Mental Health & Addiction Services Yale School of Medicine — Connecticut Mental Health Center

COVID & Mental Health services

Mental Health Resources in Connecticut — rtor og.
DE Delaware Dept. of Health & Social Services Treatment and Referral Network Mental Health Delaware Resources — English & Spanish

NAMI Delaware

Mental Health Resources-Delaware — rtor.org 
FL Florida Dept. of Children & Families — Mental Health & Substance Abuse resources Children’s Mental Health Program

Mental Health Assoc. Central Florida

NAMI Florida Resources

Florida Dept. of Education — Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Assoc. Central Florida — Spanish speakers
GA Georgia Department of Behavioral Health

Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network
Georgia-Mental Health Resources —

NAMI Georgia
HI Hawaii Dept. of Health — Behavioral Health Services Admin. Mental Health Resources — Hawaii — rtor.org

NAMI Hawaii

Mental Health of Hawaii Dierctory of Services

Hawaii Mental Health Resources for Children
ID Idaho Dept. of Health & Welfare — Behavioral Health Idaho Behavioral Health Resources

NAMI Idaho

Idaho Behavioral Health Alliance Resources
IL Illinois Dept. of Human Services-Mental Health IDHS Mental Health Provider Information

Cook County NAMI Crisis Resources

NAMI Illinois — w. Spanish Language link

Illinois Youth Resources for Mental Health, Well-Being & Resilience
IN Indiana University Behavioral Health NAMI Indiana Resources

Be Well Indiana

Indiana Council of Community Mental Health Centers/Info
IA Children & Families of Iowa Mental Health Services Linn County MH Services


Iowa Dept. of Human Services —

Mental Health Clinic List-Iowa
KS Kansas Community Mental Health Centers Kansas City MH Resources

Mental Health Resources Kansas00rtor.org

Children’s Mercy KC — Mental Health In Children & Adolescents
KY Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services — MH Resources Kentucky Gov’t. Children’s Behavioral Health & Recovery Services

Kentucky Gov’t. Adult MH services
LA The Arc of LA Mental Health Resource List Louisiana Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, Inc.

New Orleans Children & Youth Behavorial Health Resources
ME Maine Dept. of Health & Human Services — Mental Health Services NAMI Maine

211 Maine — Mental Health Services

MH Resources in Maine — rtor.org
MD Behavioral Health Admin. Maryland Dept. of Health Mental Health Assoc. of Maryland — Chldren & Youth

NAMI Maryland

Sheppard Pratt Mental Health & Community Resources

Behavioral Health Hospital Coordination Dashboard (for providers)
MA Mass Dept. of MH — Finding MH Support in MA Where to Find Free Mental Health Resources around Boston

NAMI Massachusetts
MA Behavioral Health Partnership — Community, State, and National Resources
MI List of Michigan Mental Health Resources MH Resources state of Michigan

NAMI Michigan
MN Statewide Mental Health Resources — Minnesota NAMI Minnesota

Minnesota Mental Health Clinics
MS Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health Mississippi State Mental Health Resources

NAMI Mississippi 
MO Missouri Dept. of Mental Health-Providers, Services, Clinics, etc. Missouri MH Foundation-Resources
MT Montana Rural Institute-Resources on Emotional and Mental Health Missoula Public Health — Mental & Behavioral Health Resources

NAMI Montana

Montana Mental Health Services Guide — Open Counseling
NE Nebraska Dept. of Health & Human Services — Behavioral Health Nebraska Mental Health Resources

NAMI Nebraska
NV Department of Health and Human Services Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health-Clinical Behavioral Services Children’s Mental Health care

Mental Health Services Guide — Open Counseling

NAMI Nevada

Psychiatric Services — Las Vegas & Southern Nevada
NH New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Mental Health Information and Resources NAMI New Hampshire-Info and Resource Line

NH Community Behavioral Health Assoc.- 10 Community MH Centers
NJ State of NJ Division of Mental Health and Addition Services Directory of MH Services by County — New Jersey

NAMI New Jersey — find local affliates

Mental Health Assoc. in NJ — resources
NM New Mexico Department of Health Mental Health Program Public MH services-free and low cost counseling — Open Counseling
NY NY state Office of Mental Health Resources & info NYC free Counseling and Referrals — Resource

NAMI New York-resources

MH Resources in NY state — rtor.org
NC NCDHHS-Child and Family Mental Health Services—Child Behavioral Health Free Clinics and Mental Health care

NAMI — North Carolina

More Resources and Providers-N Carolina — rtor.org
ND North Dakota Behavorial Health — Gov’t. Services Rural Behavioral Health Services

More Mental Health — ND — rtor.org
OH Ohio State Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Ohio Health — MH Resources

NAMI Ohio — Mental Health Resources

Counseling Resources Ohio
OK OK Dept. Of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services Mental Health Assoc. of OK

Mental Health and Psychiatry Services — free and paid
OR Oregon Dept. of Behavioral Health Services MH SErvice — Multnomah County

NAMI-Oregon — Counseling Services
PA PA gov’t. Mental Health Resources Guide NAMI Mainline PA-How to get MH care

NAMi Pennsylvania — How to get Resources

Mental Health Assoc. of PA — Behavioral Health Navigators
RI RI Gov’t. Div. of Mental Health — Behavioral Healthcare Resources Mental Health Assoc. of RI — Resources

Mental Health Treatment Providers & Community Support
SC Dept. of Mental Health — SC gov’t. Community MH Centers — SC

NAMI South Carolina Resources
SD Dept. of Social Services — SD — Behavioral Health Information Behavioral Health Services County Map — SD gov’t.

Open Counseling MH Resourcs — SD
TN TN Dept. of Behavioral & Mental Health Services- Tennessee State MH Resources Guide

NAMI Tennessee-Resource Links
TX Texas Dept. of Social Services — MH & Substance Abuse Services Mental Health TX — Resources

Open Counseling Public MH Resources
UT Medicaid Services-MH in Utah Utah Dept. of Health and Human Services — Mental Health

NAMI Utah — MH programs and support resources
VT Mental Health Services-VT Dept. of MH Washington County MH Services

Vermont Family Network — State and National Resources
VA Behavioral Health Services-Virginia State Database of Community Services by Region

NAMI VA — Mental Health Resources
WA Washington State Health Care Services and Supports:  Mental Health Services  Washington State Acute Mental Health Services by County

A Guide to Mental Health Resources for Seattle and Washington State
WV WV Dept. of Behavioral Health WV Community MH Centers

Assessing MH Providers in WV
WI Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services — MH Care & Coverage MH statewide Resources by County

Mental Health America of Wisconsin — Resources
WY Wyoming Dept. of Health — MH Services & Resources Behavioral Health Division of Wyoming Dept. of Health

Mental Health Directory of Resources — rtor.org

Therapeutic Approaches:

Evidence-Based Psychotherapy: Advantages & Challenges

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Psychotherapy for your Body: The role of Somatic Psychology Today

Understanding CBT vs. Somatic Psychotherapy

To Prevent Chronic Illness, Start With Mental Health

Coping Resources:

  • Support System of Family and Friends
    Having family and friends who you can rely on and talk to about your feelings will go a long way in helping you cope with JM.
  • Support Groups 
    Joining a support group of people who have been through similar experiences as you can help you feel less alone. Join Cure JM to find out more.
  • Join a Cure JM Chapter
    Cure JM has 15 regional chapters that hold meetings and events. Learn More
  • Attend a Cure JM Conference, Walk, or Event
    Cure JM holds regional and national conferences, as well as regional walks and events, which are a great way to meet others with JM Upcoming Events
  • Mindfulness /Meditation/Yoga/Massage
    Relaxation techniques can help with stress and depression.
  • Exercise
    Physical activity can help reduce stress and alleviate depression.  Consult with a doctor before starting any exercise program.
  • Practice Good Sleep Habits
    It’s important to get enough sleep, and it helps to go to sleep and wake up on a consistent schedule.
  • Eat Nutritious Foods
    Nutritious foods are important for physical and mental health. Our brains function best when they receive proper fuel. Contact your doctor or hospital social worker to arrange a consultation with a nutritionist.

Building Resilience: The 7 Cs
Building Resilience in Children


The numbers below are provided by “Psych Central,” an independent mental health online resource run by mental health professionals.

  • Suicide Lifeline:
    The Suicide Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in emotional distress and prevention and crisis resources for those in need.
  • Crisis Text Line
    Text HOME to 741741
  • TXT 4 HELP
    Text the word “safe” and your current location (address, city, state) to 4HELP (44357)   which allows you to text live with a mental health professional:  www.nationalsafeplace.org/txt-4-help
  • National Help Line for Substance Abuse
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse Hotline
  •  Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention
  • National Youth Crisis Hotline
    800.442.HOPE (4673)

The Potential of JAKs in Fighting JM

In our June 2024 “Ask the Doc” Town Hall, Dr. Julie Paik joins in a Q&A session to shed light on what JAK inhibitors are, how they work in JM, when parents might consider discussing JAKs as a treatment option, and the pros and cons of their use.

The Potential of CAR-T Therapy in Myositis.

The Very Real Potential of CAR-T Therapy in Myositis

We expected to hear promising news about the potential for CAR-T therapy to treat myositis at the Global Conference on Myositis (GCOM).

What we heard was more than promising—it was astounding.

What if I told you that there was a therapy that would “reset” the immune system—virtually eliminating the autoimmune response in myositis that causes inflammation, pain, muscle weakness, and other JM conditions of which we are all too familiar.

Helping Parents & Kids When They Express High Emotional Distress

This expert-led presentation is for parents about how to help their kids and themselves when their kids express high levels of emotional distress. Our presenters will talk about ways parents can calm themselves, share tips for talking to kids with age-appropriate information, and know when to find help from a professional. There will be a Q&A session immediately following the presentation.

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