DIY Fundraising

Putting the FUN in fundraising!

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We’d like to invite our community to join us in putting the “Fun” in fundraising.

Put your own passions and creativity to work for the greater good!

Short on time or have creative ideas that can help raise funds for JM support and research? Spark your ideas, your way on your own time through DIY Fundraising!

Knowing where to start, having a plan, and doing it your way are just a few keys to successful fundraising. We’ve put together some tips, tricks, and ideas around DIY fundraising to help set your fundraiser up for success and have some fun along the way.

We are thrilled to announce that DIY Fundraisers will be “matched” in 2024! To have your fundraiser matched, add “DIY Match” in the memo of your online gift or check.

What is DIY fundraising?

DIY Fundraising or “Do It Yourself” Fundraising is fundraising that you do your way! DIY fundraising can be done on your own time with your own creativity.

Interested in DIY fundraising but need help? We’re here to help!

Cure JM will help guide you and give you all the tools that you will need to be successful in the fight to end JM. Please fill out the survey here so we can learn a bit more about your event. If you’re not sure what type of event you’d like to have, fill out the form anyway, and Betsy Leon will reach out to talk about some ideas.  Or contact Betsy directly at

For access to Cure JM’s Toolkits for DIY Fundraising, click the link: DIY Fundraising Toolkits

A message from DIY fundraising enthusiast, Luke Ryan

DIY Fundraising Tips & Tricks

  1. Make it FUN. The more fun and enjoyable your fundraiser is, likely the more successful it will be. Starting a fundraiser that includes an activity or hobby that you are passionate about keeps you energized and your efforts authentic. Your friends and family will appreciate the natural fit of fusing your own interests with advancing Cure JM’s mission.
  2. Engage your network. We are all connected in different communities based on our interests and lifestyles. Engaging with like-minded friends in the communities that you are most involved in will be natural. These are people who care most about your family and the causes you care about.
  3. Provide Value. Don’t just ask friends, family members, and colleagues for money, but create events and activities that provide mutual value to them. Make it a win-win by providing them something that is of need or excites them while giving them the good feeling of supporting our mission.
  4. Tell your Story. Telling your story isn’t always easy, but can be helpful in communicating what the challenges are that come with juvenile myositis. Having a personal story and human connection, helps donors understand the need for their support. Sharing your journey in a relatable way will inspire your supporters to join the fight in your honor.
  5. Kickstart your Giving Tuesday page. Kickstart your Giving Tuesday Holiday Challenge fundraiser page with the early success of a DIY fundraiser. Your overall Giving Tuesday goal will be within reach!

Make A Plan

Planning is an essential part of successful fundraising and events. Creating a clear, action-focused plan that is executable, gives you the time and resources that will help you turn your creative ideas into a reality.

  1. Put your plan into action. Draft a plan that has action items and deadlines that are realistic to your schedule.
  2. Clearly outline your needs and where you could use some help.
  3. Set clear and realistic goals, but have ideas for stretch goals. Your supporters will be motivated by playing a role in reaching your fundraising goal and motivated by monitoring your progress.

DIY Fundraising Ideas & Inspiration

Cure JM’s inaugural fundraiser in 2003 was a lemonade stand and played an important role in seeding the research that has led to better treatments in use today. Watch this video on you host your own lemonade stand fundraiser.
  • Hold a garage sale
  • Host a lemonade stand
  • Collect coins for a cure
  • Bowl-a-thon
  • Host a pickleball tournament
  • Host a kickball tournament or event
  • Hold a bake sale
  • Car Wash
  • Partner with a local brewery to craft a benefit brew
This was a special craft brew created as part of a local DIY fundraiser

DIY Fundraising Events

  • Hops for a Cure (Brewery)
  • Bowl 2 Cure JM
  • Compete 4 a Cure (Pickleball)
  • Cycle 2 a Cure
  • Swing Fore a Cure (Golf or Tennis)
  • Toast For a Cure (Wine Event)

DIY Best Practices & Features

We are continually moved by the creativity and unwavering passion that our families exude in their DIY fundraisers, making our mission possible. My Mission, My Impact, is dedicated to spotlighting some incredible events and fundraisers that breathe new life into our growing mission. The families featured have channeled their creative energy and talents to actively participate in our mission of improving care for JM patients on our quest for a cure.

Shevlin & Smiddy Families Unite to Build Community

One such alliance in the Seattle area is that of the Shevlin and Smiddy families. These two families have come together to host community events that make Cure JM’s crucial work possible. Their approach has been to keep it simple with a “yard sale” yet, the event has become a staple in their community and a way for JM and families and friends to stay connected year after year.

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Interested in DIY fundraising but need help?

We’re here to help!

To have your fundraiser matched, add “DIY Match” in the memo of your online gift or check.

Interested in DIY fundraising but need help?

We’re here to help!

To have your fundraiser matched, add “DIY Match” in the memo of your online gift or check.