Pioneers in JM – Advocates Scholarship

We are excited to share a special educational support opportunity for collegiate JM patients who are using their own JM experience to lead and inspire.

The Pioneers in JM Advocates Scholarship is a new scholarship program honoring the founding members of Cure JM’s inaugural Medical Advisory Board and pioneering JM researchers and clinicians, Drs. Lauren M. Pachman, Ann M. Reed, and Lisa G. Rider.  The pioneering doctors named on these scholarships have done so much to advance our mission for generations of JM patients. Over the years, Drs. Pachman, Reed, and Rider have been inspired by the high level of achievement reached by so many of their patients. The doctors’ appreciation and value for JM patients reaching their educational aspirations presented this new opportunity for 2024.

The scholarships are generously funded by founding board members.

The Pioneers in JM Advocates Scholarship is intended to be awarded to three deserving students with juvenile myositis who:

  • Impact the juvenile myositis community through their volunteer and leadership efforts.
  • Inspire the juvenile myositis community by overcoming adversity while empowering others to do the same. 

Award Recipients and Award Amounts

Three (3) scholarship award recipients will be selected in 2024: two undergraduate scholarships and one graduate and/or medical studies scholarship. If selected as a scholarship recipient, the student will receive a $2,500 award.  

Awards are not automatically renewable, but students may reapply to the program each year they meet eligibility requirements. Scholarship award amounts are to be used towards tuition, books, and supplies only but do not cover room or board.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A U.S. citizen or a legal and permanent resident of the United States.
  • Diagnosed with juvenile myositis
    • Physician’s Certifying Statement required for scholarship recipients ONLY. Statement must be completed by the applicant’s Rheumatologist, Primary Care Physician, or Nurse Practitioner.
  • Classified as an undergraduate, graduate, or medical student at or awaiting acceptance to an accredited college or university in the United States for the entire academic year.
  • Enrolled full-time each semester and have completed the full-time units to reapply for the next academic year.  The scholarship is only available for fall and spring semesters (not summer sessions). If applying to a master’s or doctoral program, it must be full-time study.
  • Engaged as Cure JM Foundation advocate, fundraiser, participant or volunteer 
  • Every scholarship winner must agree to be involved publicly with Pioneers in JM – Advocates Scholarship promotion (Recipients are to be provided a photo/publicity consent form).

Applications Requirements

  • Complete Application (below). The application period will be March 1 through April 30th.
  • List your Honors and Extracurricular Activities, including any volunteering and/or organizations you are involved in.
  • Provide a personal essay on how having juvenile myositis has impacted your life experience and/or career goals.  Essay not to exceed 750 words.
  • Acceptance letter (for high school students entering as college Freshmen).
  • Transcript (official or unofficial) to be uploaded or mailed.
  • Minimum of 3.0 grade point average.

Application Process

  1. Complete Application 
  2. Save confirmation email / copy of mailed materials as proof of application submitted

Current High School Seniors: If you are awaiting a decision on college acceptance, please include college or university information for your top choice school. 

Notification: All applicants will be notified by the end of June.  Notifications will be made using the contact information applicants provide in their applications. 

Not all eligible applicants to the program will be selected as scholarship recipients. 
Scholarship recipients will have 30 days to return the completed Physician Certifying Statement and signed Award Letter to confirm the scholarship award.


No member of Cure JM Foundation Staff or Cure JM Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee or their immediate family shall be eligible for a scholarship award.   

Family members of the Cure JM Board and other Cure JM volunteer groups may apply if there is not a family member on the Advocate Scholarship Selection Committee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is eligible for this scholarship award?

All JM college bound students (meeting the eligibility requirements above) pursuing an undergraduate degree or medical field studies degree may apply. Currently high school seniors that will be enrolling in the 2024 Fall semester may also apply. No member of Cure JM Foundation Staff or Cure JM Foundation Advocate Scholarship Selection Committee or their immediate family shall be eligible for a scholarship award.   

Family members of the Cure JM Board and other Cure JM volunteer groups may apply if there is not a family member on the Pioneers in JM – Advocates Scholarship Selection Committee.

2) Are campaign fundraiser dollars used for this funding?

No campaign fundraising money or other foundation funds are allocated to this program. This educational support opportunity is privately funded by the generosity of founding Cure JM board members.

3) Why an educational scholarship for JM patients?

Supporting our JM patients in all phases of life is important to the pioneering doctors being honored by this program and founding members of Cure JM. Many young adult JM patients are pursuing collegiate and medical studies as they prepare for careers. This program will help support leaders in the JM community.

4) Can the scholarship be used for any post-high school education? (trade school?  Community college?)

Yes, the selection committee welcomes applications for those pursuing Community College and trade school studies. The Pioneers in JM -Advocates scholarship is meant to serve those pursuing educational opportunities and have demonstrated leadership and advocacy within the community.

Application Period

The application period is March 1 through April 30th, 2024.

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