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Cure JM is the global leader in juvenile myositis (JM) research. We are paving the way to better treatments for JM while improving the lives of families affected by the disease.

Juvenile Myositis

Juvenile myositis involves a run-away immune response where the body’s immune system attacks its own cells and tissues. With proper treatment and care, children can go on to live their best lives.

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We are honored to share our new short film, “Our Mission, Our Impact,” highlighting the key aspects of our mission, working together to make life-changing impacts for the patients and families we serve. Please join us in celebrating the impacts of this progress by making a gift and sharing this video.


Cure JM is a family of families. We have many resources to help the whole family with the JM journey.
Getting the Diagnosis. Megan Curran, MD

Getting the Diagnosis

It often takes a bit of time for children with juvenile myositis (JM) to get a proper diagnosis. This is due to the fact that

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May is Myositis Awareness Month, an important time to raise our voices on behalf of JM warriors and families around the world fighting for a brighter future. Juvenile myositis affects between 2-4 in one million kids, teens, and young adults. Because JM is rare, the path to diagnosis and proper care can be challenging.

Join us throughout May to share your experiences, knowledge, and support on this journey. We’ll share ways to raise awareness and support our efforts!

Finding a Cure and Better Treatments for Juvenile Myositis

Cure JM is accelerating juvenile myositis research at an unprecedented pace. We are pursuing promising new treatments, funding clinical trials, and improving care for patients.

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Current Research Updates

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has awarded Cure JM and a consortium of Cure JM-funded researchers a coveted $2 million rare disease research grant to identify new biomarkers in JM and improve precise, personalized care through the identification of cell-to-cell interactions that drive inflammation in juvenile myositis.

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You may have heard about the FDA’s ruling, which approved vamorolone as an alternative steroid for use in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  

Vamorolone is a new steroid alternative with fewer side effects than prednisone. The drug aims to preserve the beneficial anti-inflammatory and muscle-strengthening characteristics of corticosteroids, while decreasing some of the unwelcome side effects, including bone fragility, delayed growth, and behavior changes.

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ProDerm Study Reports a Milestone in Managing Adult Myositis

Recently, the Progress in Dermatomyositis ProDERM study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported a milestone in managing adult myositis. With the trial’s favorable results, adult myositis patients have new hope with the approval of Octagam® 10%.

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A clinical trial treating patients with juvenile myositis with the drug abatacept resulted in lower disease activity and clinically significant responses in most patients.

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“Cure JM has provided us so much support and connected us to so many families that were experiencing or had experienced the exact same thing. That sense of community helped us get through the ups and downs.”

Leah, Olivia's Mom

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