We Need Your Help To Start This Promising Clinical Trial.

Your gift gives children hope for a future free of life-altering side effects.

Researchers have identified a new treatment that shows great promise for treating juvenile myositis. But the heartbreaking news is the clinical trial in JM may not be able to move forward as planned. The pharmaceutical company that was to supply the drug has now elected not to participate.

But we’re not giving up, even though this big pharma decision leaves the research team with a $150,000 budget gap that someone must fill.

The FDA has already approved the trial plan. Without Cure JM to fill the funding gap, this trial cannot move forward.

Your donation will help us reach our goal of raising $150,000 to make sure this promising baricitinib clinical trial can start on time.

We are hopeful that this new treatment will reduce our children’s use of steroids and chemotherapy, allowing our children to spend less time in treatment and get back to being kids again.

Watch JM Patient Advocate James Best share his lifetime journey in battling JM and present a Proclamation of Thanks to Dr. Rutter, Director of NCATS and NIH. 


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