2023 Cure JM National Family Conference

Save the date for the Cure JM Family Conference! When: June 29-July 2, 2023. Where: Marriott Washingtonian Hotel, Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Thursday, June 29–Sunday, July 2, 2023 • Washington, DC The Cure JM Family Conference is back! Join families from around the country to learn about the latest treatment and research advances to share in our hope and progress. 🎈Receive the latest updates from world-renowned researchers and physicians, including Cure JM’s Medical Advisory Board. 🎈Connect with other […]

Chapter Facebook Groups

Connect locally! Join one of our Cure JM Chapter Facebook Groups and meet other Cure JM Families at an upcoming event in your area. Connecting with families can be a great source of knowledge and support. To connect with other families in your region, find your area below or contact Betsy Leon at info@curejm.org. All […]

Randy: A Grandparent’s Story of Hope

Over ten years ago—in the spring of 2012—Brynn’s parents, Matt and Carrie, noticed a change in their daughter. Brynn had seemed like her normal four-year-old self while with her grandparents for Easter. But by May, something was different. “Our daughter, Carrie, and her husband Matt noticed that Brynn was not her active self,” says Randy, […]

Tips from JM Families

Helpful tips from other JM families on topics like reducing anxiety during treatments, shots and blood draws, dentist visits, sun shades, journaling, and more!

July 2022 Grandparent Council Meeting Recap

Two new grandparents joined the council, and Betsy León was welcomed to the Grandparents Council as part of staff support along with Shannon Malloy. Participants reviewed and approved minutes from the June 23 meeting. These notes will be stored on the Grandparent Council Bookshelf in the future, along with numerous other useful resources. The Grandparents […]

Joanne: A Grandparent’s Story of Hope

Joanne’s grandson was two and a half years old when he was diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis. His parents had just moved their family to a new city, so his rash and sluggish symptoms were confusing to pinpoint amidst all the life changes. He was taken to the pediatrician but was told, “nothing seemed serious.” Joanne […]