Alderfer Family receiving the Mason Miracle Award in 2016

The Alderfer Family receives the 2016 Mason Miracle Award from Cure JM Co-Founder Shari Hume

Cure JM Award Recipients

Each year, hundreds of volunteers generously give of their time and talent to further Cure JM’s mission to find a cure and better treatments for Juvenile Myositis and improve the lives of families affected by JM. Dozens of medical researchers also work tirelessly in pursuit of better treatments and a cure for JM.

The work of Cure JM could not continue without the commitment and determination of these passionate people. Each volunteer, each Cure JM family, and every researcher makes an important contribution toward our shared goal of finding a cure for Juvenile Myositis. 

In 2010, Cure JM began a tradition of recognizing people who had made a significant contribution towards advancing Cure JM’s mission.

Please join us in celebrating these award recipients and their contributions toward advancing Cure JM’s mission.

Lifetime Achievement in Juvenile Myositis Research Award

This award was established in 2016 to celebrate a scientific researcher who has dedicated 15 or more years to JM research, and made significant advances in the field of juvenile myositis research.  Advancing the field of juvenile myositis takes a brilliant scientific mind, a passion for juvenile myositis research, and a devotion to training young researchers.

  • 2018 recipient: Ann M. Reed, M.D.
  • 2017 recipient: Lisa Rider, M.D.
  • 2016 recipient: Lauren Pachman, M.D.

Mason’s Miracle Award

In 2013, Cure JM established a special award in memory of Mason Smedley, named The Mason’s Miracle Award.  Mason was, and continues to be, an inspiration to everyone.  He showed great courage and strength in his battle with JM.  Despite his challenges, he had an amazing sense of humor, and his charm instantly won over everyone he met.  Mason was, and will always be, a true hero and has made a difference in countless lives. This award is now given annually to someone who carries on the spirit of Mason, and demonstrates the unfaltering courage, optimism and perseverance that Mason showed us all.

  • 2018 recipient: Denise Koch
  • 2017 recipient: The Shevlin Family - Julie, Justyn, Tessa, and Lochlan
  • 2016 recipient: The Alderfer Family
  • 2014 recipient: Sue Carpenter
  • 2013 recipient: Hume Family

Cure JM Physician of the Year Award

This award is to honor a physician who has shown exceptional commitment to JM patients and families.

  • 2018 recipient: Colleen Correll, M.D.
  • 2017 recipient: Ruy Carrasco. M.D.

Cure JM Champion Award

Established in 2012, the Cure JM Champion Award is given to a person or family who has made a significant difference for Cure JM and the children battling Juvenile Myositis. Champion Award winners have been instrumental in helping us advance research, improving the lives of those who battle this disease today and paving the road for a cure in the future.

  • 2018 recipient: Merrianne Van Ness
  • 2017 recipient: Denise & Nic Doria and Walter McKeever
  • 2014 recipient: David & Stacia Glancy
  • 2013 recipient: Jacque & Bruce DenUyl
  • 2012 recipient: Marge Coffey

Cure JM Grandparent Ambassador Award

The Grandparent Ambassador award was established in 2018 to recognize grandparents of JM patients who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to advocating for JM patients and their families.

  • 2018 recipient: Sheila and Harry Harvey

Cure JM Youth Ambassador Award

These teens have been an anchor of support in the Cure JM teen and young adult community, providing support and comradery to teens with Juvenile Myositis. They have been instrumental in creating the Teen Portal on the Cure JM website, providing online support to other teens, and supporting teens and young adults in person at the Cure JM Conference.

  • 2018 recipients:
    Morgan Gleason
    Anna Schwartz-Ramsey
    Sammy Martin
    Maddy Coffey
    Flora Mellana-Edison
    Megan McKeever

Cure JM Hero Award

The Cure JM Hero awards were established in 2010 to recognize families and individuals who have made a significant contribution to Cure JM and have helped advance Cure JM’s mission to find a cure and better treatments for Juvenile Myositis and improve the lives of families affected by JM.

  • 2018 recipients:
    Tracy and Kelly Van Ness
    Kelly Florido and Family
    Colleen and Chuck Marchetta
    Leah Musico
  • 2017 recipients:
    Michelle Best and the Best Family
    The Coffey Family: Kevin, Doreen, Erin and Maddie
    April Duley
    The Ortega Family: Sharon, Martin, Melinda, and Myranda
    Meagan McDevitt
    A Special Thank you to Marge Coffey for her outstanding support of the Drug Development Program at National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS).
  • 2016 recipients:
    The Taylor Family: Sissy, Brett, Kaci & Kory
    The Stilling Family: Stephanie, Brad, Haddie & Josie
    Kristen Prescott & “Cure for Daisy”
    The Coe Family
    Erin Curtis
    Nikki Hahn
    Gaby & Russell Taormina
    The Shobe Family
    Dave Venghaus and Chris Graves
    Carol Claudon
    Detective Brian Moore
  • 2014 recipients:
    Samantha Kountz-Edwards
    The Ramsey Family: Robert, Carol, Anna & Elliot
    Dominique & Steven Wessel
    Leslie and Kenny Retif
    Erin & Dmitri Duval
    Team Gary: Erika Bradford & family
  • 2013 recipients:
    Dr. James Katz
    Sue Carpenter
    Team Hudson: Brandi and Nate Conrad, Sandy Conrad, Brandy Broadway
    Kristine Alderfer
    Jamie Pater and family and Cassie Peterson
    Team Sophie: The Bernstein Family
    Shannon Malloy and Laurel Krider
  • 2012 recipients:
    Angelou & Kelly Vatianou
    Juanita & Luis Pannocchia and family
    Candi Cook and Team Hope
    Brylee Smith
    Pauline Lenz
    Jeanie Jarvis
    Leslee Hansen
    Intel Motorcycle Club - Chuck Taylor & Brian Launer
  • 2011 recipients:
    Annie Mitchell
    Ragan Cantrelle
    Amy Gleason
    Jana and Bryan Sall
    Julie and Tessa Shevlin
    Lindsay Cleveland
    Katie Siebel
  • 2010 recipients:
    Mitali Dave
    Kelly Gaither
    Myah Stuemke
    Lisa Forgas
    Suzanne Edison
    Suzy Clement
    Damon Smedley

Excellence in Advocacy Award

The Excellence in Advocacy award goes to a Cure JM volunteer who has stepped forward and shown extraordinary leadership through advocating for, connecting, supporting, and educating Cure JM families.

  • 2017 recipient: Denise Koch

Legacy Leadership Award

The Cure JM Legacy Leadership award was established in 2014 to recognize a person or family who has made an exceptional, long-lasting impact for Cure JM and the advancement of JM research. The impact of this individual or family is viewed as transformational and will live beyond their tenure – thus leaving a legacy for many years to come.

  • 2017 recipient: Rhonda McKeever
  • 2014 recipient: Patti Lawler