Dear Friends of Cure JM,

I could not be more excited about the research progress we are making at Cure JM. Thank you for the support you have provided to make this progress possible.

Because of your support, doctors now have a far better understanding of Juvenile Myositis. With your support, we are working on developing more effective and more personalized treatments. We've shortened the time to diagnosis, allowing for earlier intervention. And most importantly, we have saved countless lives of precious children as mortality rates today are a fraction of what they were not long ago.

But as we all know, we have much to do, as the children we love still face a very uncertain future.

Cure JM is more focused than ever on accelerating the pace of research and is excited to announce that we have recently hired our first Executive Director, Jim Minow, who will lead Cure JM into a bold new era of research expansion.

JM Dad at Workshop

Jim Minow speaks at Cure JM's 2016 National Educational Conference and Fundraising Event

Jim brings to us an extensive background in nonprofit management, but most importantly, understands the challenges that face rare disease organizations such as Cure JM.

Jim served as the Chief Development Officer at the Foundation Fighting Blindness for over ten years, where he created and implemented programs that doubled annual revenues. This funding has supported clinical trials that ultimately restored vision to patients with certain forms of blindness.

We're excited to have Jim lead the fight for better and more effective treatments at Cure JM, and with Jim's passion to "make things happen," I'm confident that you'll see real and faster progress toward more effective treatments.

Click here to read Jim's report on the outcomes of the recent Cure JM Family Conference. The report provides an overview of Cure JM's research investment strategy and highlights outcomes of four key research projects.

But while we have created an exciting and bold vision for the future of JM research, we need your support now more than ever to fulfill the promise of accelerated treatments.

So I'm asking you to take two actions today:

First, your contribution to Cure JM will allow us to expand the scope of our research program and fund new research initiatives being developed by our Medical Advisory Board. Whatever amount you can consider today --$100, $250 or even $500 will go a long way toward funding an expanded research program. We need to find better treatments and a cure at the earliest possible moment. The need is urgent—our children can't wait!

Give Now

Second, contact Jim and let him know of other ways you would be willing to help organize JM families in your community. As we look to create Cure JM chapters across the country and develop new fundraising events, I know Jim would be delighted to hear from you. Write Jim at and include your phone number. I know Jim will get right back to you.

I'm sure the attached report to Cure JM families and friends will inspire you and provide you with hope and confidence that we are on the move and on the right track. Thank you again for your generous support and for making our progress possible.

With appreciation,
Shari Hume
Cure JM Foundation

P.S.  Please click here today to help advance and accelerate the Cure JM research program.  Your gift will go a long way to help provide all Cure JM children and adults with a brighter tomorrow.  

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