Regional Chapter Family Outreach Chairs and Family Support Network Regional Representatives

Each of Cure JM’s Chapters has a Family Outreach Chair who engages and supports the families in their chapter. Learn more about Cure JM’s Regional chapters. And every chapter has a Facebook group! Join your chapter Facebook group.

For regions who don’t yet have a Cure JM Chapter, the families are served by a regional Family Support Representative.  These trained representatives offer peer support to families in their region.

To connect with other families in your region, find your area below, or contact Cure JM at .

All Cure JM families are invited to follow Cure JM on Social Media for additional peer support.

Northeast Chapters

  • New York Chapter - serving NY, CT, and Western CT. Chapter Family Outreach Chair Laura Waisnor,
    Greater New York Chapter Facebook Group
  • New England Chapter - serving MA, CT, ME, NH, RI, and VT. Chapter Family Outreach Chair Stephanie Brown,
    Massachusetts Chapter Facebook Group
  • Philadelphia Chapter - serving Philadelphia, Eastern PA, Western NJ and DE. Chapter President Kate Ettingoff,
    Philadelphia Chapter Facebook Group
  • Washington D.C. Chapter - serving DC, VA, and MD. Chapter President Michelle Best,
    Greater-Washington D.C. Chapter Facebook Group

Southeast Chapters

  • Carolinas Chapter - serving North Carolina and South Carolina. Contact Simonetta at
    Carolinas Chapter Facebook Group
  • Florida  Chapter – serving all of Florida.  Chapter President Amy Gleason,
    Florida Chapter Facebook Group

Southern Chapters

  • Central Texas Chapter – serving Central and West Texas.  Chapter President and Family Outreach Chair Sissy Taylor,
    Central Texas Chapter Facebook Group
  • Houston Chapter - serving Houston and East Texas. Chapter President Bud Sheffield,
    Houston Chapter Facebook Group
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter - serving Dallas-Fort Worth, North Texas, and OK. Chapter Family Outreach Chair Danielle Britten,
    Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter Facebook Group
  • Louisiana Chapter serving LA, MS, AL. Chapter Family Outreach Chair Kristen Prescott,
    Louisiana Chapter Facebook Group

Midwest Chapters

  • Chicago Chapter – serving IL, IN, IA, WI, and MI. Chapter President Jen Coe, Family Support Network Representative Denise Koch,
    Greater-Chicago Chapter Facebook Group
  • Minnesota Chapter - serving MN, ND, and SD. Chapter Family Outreach Chair Joleen Johnson,
    Minnesota Chapter Facebook Group
  • Ohio/ Western Pennsylvania Chapter - serving OH, Western PA, WV and KY.  Chapter Family Outreach Chair Erin Curtis,
    Ohio/Western Pennsylvania Chapter Facebook Group

Western Chapters

  • Pacific Northwest Chapter –serving WA, OR, UT, MT, ID, AK, HI, and Western Canada. Chapter Family outreach Chair Jana Sall,
    Pacific Northwest Chapter Facebook Group
  • Southern California Chapter – serving Southern California.  Chapter Family Outreach Chair Sue Carpenter,
    Southern California Chapter Facebook Group
  • Northern California Chapter – serving Northern and Central California.  Chapter President and Family Outreach Chair Sue Carpenter,
    Northern California Chapter Facebook Group

Regional Family Support Network Representativesfor Areas Without Chapters:

To connect with other families in your region, find your area below or contact us at .

  • Spanish Speaking Families, Representante Español para familias de habla hispana – Cesar De La Canal and Sharon Ortega,
  • International families (non-AUS/NZ) – Suzanne Edison,
  • Australia / New Zealand – Aimee McCloskey,
  • Families in the U.S. Military – Shannon Malloy,
  • Central Midwest Families (KS, MO, NE) – Julie Garst,
    Join the Midwest Family Facebook support group.
  • Southwest Families (AZ, NM, NV) –  Kathy Yates,
    Join the Southwest Family Facebook support group.
  • Colorado Families (CO, WY) –  Laurel Krider,
    Join the Colorado Family Facebook support group.
  • Southeast Families (GA, SC, NC) – Shari Shobe,
    Join the Southeast Family Facebook support group.
  • Arkansas and Tennessee (AR, TN)  – Kristen Prescott,
  • Additional Online Family Support – Erin Duval,