School Resources

After receiving your child receives a JM diagnosis, educating your child’s school personnel is important. Parents have reported a variety of avenues they have taken to do this. Depending on your child’s situation and your school district, the following information may be of assistance to you:

Communicating with Your Child’s Educators

  • Have your child’s rheumatologist draft a letter to the school detailing your child’s specific needs.
  • Print copies of What is Juvenile Myositis? for school personnel.
  • Request meetings with school personnel (principal, nurse, teacher) to review letters, detail any specific special needs, and answer questions.
  • Consider a formal presentation for school personnel, using Emily’s Voice as a template. The Emily’s Voice program was designed to assist teachers and other school personnel in understanding and helping students with disabilities that receive accommodations in a 504 plan and are mainstreamed in the classroom.
  • Download the Emily’s Voice Training Booklet
  • Download the Emily’s Voice PowerPoint Presentation
  • School Accommodations for JDM and JPM

504 and IEP Plan Information

State Resource Sheets for Disability Related Issues

Special Education & Rehabilitative Services Legislation (IDEA & The Rehabilitation Act)

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

The Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

IEP’s versus 504 Plans

Guide to the Individualized Education Program

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