Emotional and Mental Health Resources for JM Families

A chronic and rare disease like JM is a challenging experience for children, teens, and the whole family. We know that our mental health is affected by chronic illness. Conversely, mental and emotional health can affect the physical aspects of the disease, and play a role in the success of any treatments.

Cure JM has made emotional and mental health a priority for families and medical providers. We recommend that mental health assessment and treatment options be an integral part of comprehensive care for children, adolescents, and adults with JM. We intend to provide our families with resources and information, in addition to assisting pediatric rheumatologists in developing plans to discuss, screen, and create pathways for further evaluation, or mental health treatment, if needed.

We created resources to meet the unique needs of your current experience. We have three options for Families to choose from and three for Medical Providers. Choose the option(s) that most closely resembles who you are, and what information you need.


Young JM Patient

For Families of Newly Diagnosed Children

As the parent of a newly diagnosed child, you might feel overwhelmed and worried. These are normal reactions. You might want, and need support, from others who have been, or still are, on this same journey. Support is helpful so you can be a better advocate for your child and learn to manage your own feelings.


JM Family

For Experienced Families

You have been on the JM journey now for more than a year, possibly much longer, and you are looking for help with yours, or your child's emotional and mental health needs. Do you know the warning signs of depression and anxiety? Has your child had a mental/emotional health assessment? Here are some resources for you, your child, and other family members.


Young Adult Being Treated for JM

For Teens/Young Adults

Besides the normal turmoil of adolescence, having a diagnosis of JM can present you with more stress due to changes in body image, medical visits, medicines, etc. Know the warning signs of depression and anxiety. Discover support groups or one-on-one mentoring options (younger teen with older teen or young adult with JM). Find emotional and mental health resources in your community.


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“As a pediatric rheumatologist, I see children and adolescents with JM who are dealing with chronic illness. These young patients and their families often need emotional support, but it can be hard to connect with resources. It is wonderful that Cure JM is taking steps to provide resources for their emotional health, as this is so important for overall health.”

Dr. Andrea Knight

Andrea Knight, MD, MSCE
Clinician-Investigator in the Division of Rheumatology and Associate Scientist in the Neurosciences and Mental Health program at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), Toronto, Canada