Cure JM Grandparents: Your Participation Means a Lot to Our Success

We are asking all Cure JM Grandparents to please join us as Grandparent Ambassadors for Giving Tuesday.

Hear why Giving Tuesday matters and sign up to help at

Sign up or reply to this message to learn how you can help from home in your free time. Helping takes as little as 10 minutes!

If this is your first time, we will be with you every step of the way to help you make a difference for your grandchild with juvenile myositis.

A Special Thank You to Our Cure JM Grandparent Ambassadors:

Marge, Maddy’s Grandmother

Dee Dee, Taran’s Grandmother

Ron, Taran’s Grandfather

Randy, Brynn’s Grandfather

Diana, Brynn’s Grandmother

Jenny, Brynn’s Grandmother

Marti, Marlowe’s Grandmother

Ana, Emanuel’s Grandmother

April, Mackenzie’s Grandmother

Barbara, Jake’s Grandmother

Barbara, Kayli’s Grandmother

Bitsy, Taran’s Great Aunt

Bonnie, Madi’s Grandmother

Celene and Michael, Olivia’s Grandparents

Connie, Hallie’s Grandmother

Dalene, Mckinsley’s Grandmother

Daphne, Gabe’s Grandmother

Denise, Briella’s Grandmother

Elinor, Connor’s Grandmother

Fran, James’s Grandmother

Gail, Mckinsley’s Grandmother

Ilene, Jesse’s Grandmother

Jim and Sharon, Brynn’s Grandparents

Kim, Emma’s Grandmother

Debbie, Isla’s Grandmother

Bill and Laura, Hannah’s Grandparents

Rose, Logan’s Grandmother

Suzanne, Addie’s Grandmother

Lynda, a loving Grandmother

Louise, Louise’s Grandmother

Peggy, a loving Grandmother

Joanne, David’s Grandmother

Joe, Olivia’s Grandfather

Karen, Avary’s Grandmother

Karen, Brendan’s Grandmother

Laurel, Eldon’s Grandmother

Lori, Olivia’s Grandmother

Lynn, Brooklynn’s Grandmother

Lynne, David’s Grandmother

Maggie, Ryan’s Grandmother

Mark, Savanna’s Grandfather

Mary Ellen, Taliya’s Grandmother

Maureen, Maura’s Grandmother

Ronnie, Jasiah’s Grandfather

Sheri, a loving Grandmother

Sherry, Kenzie’s Grandmother

Sue, Cici’s Grandmother

Susan, Decker’s Grandmother

Susan, Jasiah’s Grandmother

Terry, Jack’s Grandmother

Tim, Keely’s Grandfather

Toni, Adelyn’s Grandmother

Trenna, Spencer’s Grandmother

Vicki, Spencer’s Grandmother

Joel and Laurel, Olivia’s Grandparents

Alice, Terrell’s Grandmother

Mary, a loving Grandmother

Linda and Randall, Demi’s Grandparents

Beth, Mollie’s Grandmother

Becky, Noelle’s Grandmother

Becky, Liam’s Grandmother

Mary, Layna’s Grandmother

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