Chase Community Giving Research Grant

Step by Step Voting Instructions

  1.  Go to
    Chase Screen 1
  2. arrow2
    Mouse over the Vote button, and a pop up window will appear.  In the pop up, click on the Allow
    Application button.
    Chase Screen 2
  3. arrow3 
    A pop up window will appear.  Click on Log In with Facebook.
    Chase Screen 3
  4. arrow4
     In original window, you now have 2 votes available.  Click Cure JM Foundation Vote button.
    Chase Screen 4
  5. arrow5
     A Thank You screen will appear.  Click on FB Like, FB Send, and/ or Tweet to earn an extra vote if anyone follows the link and votes.  Write a personal message encouraging your friends to vote for Cure JM like: “Please help our daughter and all the kids with JM get a cure by voting for Cure JM to win a $250,000 research grant. A MINUTE of your time could mean a lifetime of health for our kids!” Chase Screen 5
  6. arrow 6
    arrow 6b
    Back in the original window, you now have 1 vote available. Click the Rett Syndrome Research Trust
    Vote button (our voting partner).  You just helped 2 great organizations in less than a minute!  Thank you!
    Chase Screen 6