Online Fundraising

How to raise over $2,000 for Cure JM in just 5 weeks

Week 1:

  • Start by sponsoring yourself = $50.
  • Check to see if your employer or spouse’s employer has a matching gift program
  • Send out at least 25 letters and emails to friends and family = $650+.
    TIP:  Write a personal cover or introductory note.  If you are mailing your personalized donation forms out, if you add an envelope already addressed to Cure JM Foundation and add a stamp, you will get a much greater response (extra credit for convenience for the donor!)

Week 2:

  • Ask at least five neighbors to sponsor you (minimum donation $25) = $125
  • Send a Facebook post and/or Tweets with your Personal Fundraising Page URL for donation = $500

Week 3:

  • Follow-up on your fundraising letters and emails.   Sent out more letters and emails.
  • Ask four co-workers to sponsor you (minimum of $25 each) = $100.
  • Post a Cure JM flyer in your office break room, local coffee house or gym. 

    TIP:  Put a personal cover note with the flyer and provide envelopes with Cure JM address to increase the chance and convenience of someone making a donation.

Week 4:

  • Ask your boss for a company contribution = $50+
  • Send a Facebook post and/or Tweets with your Personal Fundraising Page URL for donation = $500

Week 5:

  • Ask 3 businesses you frequent for a donation (e.g. doctor, dentist, dry cleaners, etc., $50 each) = $150
  • Ask if you can post a Cure JM flyer at businesses you frequent.

Grand Total  - Over $2,000


Other ways and tools to help you raise money:

Online vs. Mail-In Donation:

Either way of donating is absolutely fine. Click here to open and print a mail-in donation form. Please note, use of this form is helpful, but optional.

All mail-in donations should be sent directly to:
Cure JM Foundation
P.O. Box 45768
Baltimore, MD 21297

We will provide updates on a weekly basis for all mail-in donations by individuals.

Matching Gift Programs:

Many companies may match an employee’s donation made to a non-profit. This is an excellent way of doubling (and sometimes even tripling) the value of a donation. All matching gift forms should be sent to Cure JM Foundation at P.O. Box 45768, Baltimore, MD 21297 or they can be faxed to (202) 379-4100.

Cure JM Sponsor Sheets:

How many sponsor sheets can you fill up with pledges of neighbors, co-workers, teachers, etc? Great for Runners, Volunteers or Virtual Volunteers of all ages! Print-out 8x11 Cure JM Sponsor sheets to collect sponsors at work, school, summer camps, church/religious organization, book clubs, doctor offices, infusion clinics, hospital visits, etc. Print Poster sizes (24.5x18.5) for Work, summer sporting teams, community groups, etc. 

Tagline for E-Mails:

Include a tagline in your Outlook email signature.  Maybe something like….“I’m running/volunteering in the St. Pete Beach Classic to raise money to find a cure for Juvenile Dermatomyositis.  Please go to (INSERT THE URL ADDRESS OF YOUR FAMILY'S PERSONALIZED FUNDRAISING PAGE) if you would like to donate.”