Cure JM Warrior Jack says "Thank you"

Cure JM Foundation Highlights

Thanks to the Juvenile Myositis community, family and friends, since our founding in 2003, Cure JM has:

  • Created resources and connections for over 4,000 patients and families in 40 different countries – including regional JM family support representatives throughout the U.S.
  • Funded over 175 defining research studies that have resulted in improved treatments and moved us closer to a cure.
  • Created and provided financial support to four major Centers of Excellence to advance Juvenile Dermatomyosits and Juvenile Polymyositis research and deliver world-class care at George Washington University Hospital, Lurie Children's Hospital, Seattle Children's Hospital, and Duke Children's Hospital.
  • Developed a Medical Advisory Board of the leading JM experts in the world to help guide our research investment decisions and to inform families about the best possible care for their JM children.
  • Funded breakthrough genetic studies at the renowned Center for Applied Genomics at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to understand the complex genetics of JM, which is critical to identifying targets for improved drug interventions.
  • Identified several new drug candidates through the Cure JM-funded drug discovery project at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences at NIH.
  • Invested over $16 million in research, education, and family support, making Cure JM the largest funder of Juvenile Myositis research in the world.
  • Engaged with 19,000+ followers in our social media communities.
  • Created more than 20 regional chapters across the U.S.
  • Currently funding research at 24 prestigious research institutions in 4 countries.
  • Funded a multi-stage project to educate physicians about Juvenile Dermatomyosits and Juvenile Polymyositis across North America.
  • Funded a research study with Duke University and CARRA to determine the best treatment approaches for JM.
  • Myositis and You
  • Funded the first-ever book about JM, Myositis and You, written by over 100 doctors and now available as an eBook.
  • Providing monthly educational forums where leading Juvenile Dermatomyosits and Juvenile Polymyositis researchers speak to families and answer questions.
  • Hosted numerous forums for healthcare professionals and funded online resources to provide JM education and information for more than 1,000 physicians, including an international symposium on new drugs for JM.
  • Created educational materials for newly diagnosed families.
Cure JM Posters and Literature
  • Created grandparent support and advocacy network.
  • Provided a comprehensive website, so families affected by JM can connect with quality information and guidance.
  • Provided welcome kits, brochures, and videos for JM community.
  • Provided guidance to families to help them navigate the health care system and work with insurance companies, doctors, schools.