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Erin Curtis

The Curtis Family

Erin, Jason and Mora

Hi, I'm Erin Curtis and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist living in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband, Jason, our daughter, Mora, two cats, and a feisty Corgi. Mora was born in April of 2009 and was a gorgeous, happy, healthy baby. Everything was going well for her and she was meeting all her milestones until she was 11 months old and developed a strange rash after being out in the Spring sunshine. After the rash she started having some G.I. Problems, sun sensitivity, and by 16 months was still not walking. At this point the rash covered all of her joints, her face, around her eyes, the back of her neck, her fingers and toes, nearly her entire body was red and raw looking. She also started having trouble sleeping and was often lethargic. This was after we had taken her to countless doctors who could not figure out what was wrong. After taking her to an observant allergist, he mentioned to me that her rash looked heliotropic. I hadn't heard that term before so I went home and looked it up. The first thing that came up was the Cure JM website. I read the symptoms, looked at pictures and was stunned. I knew immediately that was what she had. So I packed her up in the car and took her to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center's ER which led us on a journey of tests and ultimately a diagnosis of Juvenile Dermatomyositis and Hypogammaglobulenemia. I am so grateful Cure JM exists, otherwise it could have taken a very long time for Mora to get diagnosed. The pictures and descriptions of JDM on the site sped up her diagnosis for us exponentially. Awareness of this disease needs to be spread, especially among medical professionals. And in that scary time of diagnosis for our family, the comfort that Cure JM families gave ours was and is absolutely priceless. From the encouragement to be an assertive advocate to just knowing others are going through the same thing I don't know how we could do this without them.

Mora is 4 now and I am ecstatic to say she is doing very well! Her JDM responded very quickly and well to treatment and we are currently off all immune suppressants and hoping this will mean remission for her. I hope by working with Cure JM I can give the same level of amazing support I received when my daughter was first diagnosed. This organization is full of the most dedicated, compassionate, wonderful people and I feel lucky to be a part of it.