2013 Cure JM Champion Award

As presented by Shari Hume, Cure JM Co-founder to Jacque and Bruce DenUyl

DenUyl Family

Eric, Clark, Jacque and Bruce DenUyl

I have the honor of presenting the 2nd annual Cure JM Champion award, which is given to a person or family who has made a significant difference for Cure JM and the children battling this disease.

This year, the award goes to my very dear friends, Jacque and Bruce DenUyl. Their son, Eric is now 25, and began his courageous battle with JM at the age of 11…he has gone in and out of remission, but right now, he is doing well.

Jacque connected with Cure JM in 2006 when Eric flared. As soon as we met, I knew she would become a major player in helping Cure JM grow and get to the next level. She joined our Board of Directors in 2006 and served as CFO, Secretary, and along with her husband, Bruce, “fundraiser extraordinaire”.

Jacque was always willing to take on any role that was needed to make Cure JM successful. Although she is retiring from the board in August, she will continue on as an Honorary Advisory Council member with Cure JM.

DenUyl Family

Cheering on Team JM at the 2013 Annual Fundraiser

She will also continue in her role as a ParentWISE volunteer at Lurie Children's at the JM clinics led by Dr. Pachman and Dr. Curran where she has been for nearly 7 years and has seen 300 patient families.

This is not connected to her Cure JM role, but it just demonstrates how Jacque gives from every corner of her soul! She provides them with the tools and information they will need as parents of a JM child; and also gives her heart and her hand to help these families out of the darkness and into the light.

As I said, Jacque is willing to do almost anything to help Cure JM be successful; and I say this because at the age of 54, both Jacque and Bruce decided they would help with our first national event by running in the Chicago Marathon in 2006.

Jacque’s only prior running experience was when she was late to Dr. Pachman’s clinic.  Their sons Clark and Eric both ran 11 miles. For Eric, this was also a big accomplishment because he could not get up off the floor the year before. Jacque finished the marathon in 5:40:32 and said:

“I am not a runner... but when your kid is sick you'll run for your life”.

Bruce and Jacque have been instrumental in helping us advance research by raising over $150,000 for Cure JM!! Bruce’s company, Alix Partners, has played a big role in sponsoring and donating to Cure JM. Bruce and Jacque got creative with their fundraising last summer when they both turned 60 within two days of each other.

They launched a birthday fundraising campaign called Soaring to Sixty. However, since they only raised $50,000, they have declared themselves to still be in the 50-year-old category.

Jacque and Bruce,

  • For making a difference in the lives of JM children and their families,
  • For leaving a legacy that will always be remembered and will continue to enhance the lives of those who battle this disease in the future,
  • Congratulations on becoming the 2013 Cure JM Champions!!

Volunteers Honored at 2013 Annual Conference